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You can be Positive!

Positivity has the power to reform your life.

Positivity has the power to reform your life. Being positive keeps your mind at ease. This is an attitude that invites constructive thinking and creative thinking, an attitude that embraces hope, optimism and conquers happiness. Try being positive in an uncomfortable situation. You will feel free from worry, free from ridicule, free from whatever it is that effects you, free. The aim is peace of mind in any situation.

Emotional Outbursts

Emotional Outbursts

It gives one a sense of authority over one’s emotional outbursts in different encounters in one’s life as well. Anger, sadness, jealousy and all apposing thoughts subsides in the presence of a dominant positive feeling.

Adopting Positivity

Adopting Positivity

Some people are so positive that nothing persuades them otherwise and some can’t seem to think positively at all. If you are the latter, you can direct your thoughts, you can be positive. Positivity doesn’t necessarily have to exist in the absence of negativity. One way of adopting a positive attitude is to remain neutral. How? You may wonder. Being neutral means not expecting a bad or a good outcome and in that way the glass is half full and half empty, leaving room for the possibility of an outcome to be positive. See! You are half way there.

Positive Thinker

positive thinker

You might say you’re not a positive thinker and that is why you can’t see good in anything. The best way to find the solution to your clash between negative and positive thoughts is not supporting or favouring either side. Visualise the scenario or use past or present examples. Once your eye is set on the issue that you can’t seem to reason with. Start analysing it with good no matter how hard it may be. Perceive it and believe it. Try not to let any speculation sneak in. You will come to an accomplished fact be it bitter or sweet.

The overpowering thought in your mind should be, “I choose to believe in the good outcome of this situation irrespectively.” And once mastered, you are untouchable.


Shamilah Firdausi, (Writer & Scholar, Cape Town, South Africa)