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A Thai Lost in Human, evening snacks at Mamagoto Restaurant Noida.

A Thai Lost in Human

Mamagoto is a fusion Pan Asian Cafe offering affordable Asian Cuisine and drinks situated in DLF Mall of India, Noida.

During my visit to the mall we decided to give a try to the restaurant, I was accompanied with two of my friends for a friendly get together.

Atmosphere of the restaurant was really fulfilling, Less Crowded, Very beautiful sitting arrangements and decoration on the wall is one of the most exciting reasons for me to visit this place again. It has a classy environment with dim lightings and pretty lamps over our heads.

Reading Menu: Well basically most of the food items listed has catchy names of dishes, I hadn’t generally tried before or even heard about. But I must say there way of presentation was quite impressive.

We didn’t have to wait long to be served as the service of the restaurant was pretty efficient, friendly and attentive.

We ordered A Thai lost in human and Veg Italian Maggi, but I would especially like to mention about “A Thai lost in human” as In India we don’t try out such food often and hardly hear about.

About “A Thai lost in human”

This dish is quite unique, rice balls are moulded into rounded shape over a Thai piece of chicken and you have to dip in a barbeque sauce bowl and eat it. The sauce is a bit sweeter than expected but if you apply it in the right amount it tastes fabulous. You can easily feel taste of added roasted chicken and perhaps Chinese fried rice inside, combination of both added to the taste further. Also the way they presented it was pretty impressive and mouth-watery

Likes: Overall I liked the dishes I ordered and specially the surrounding.

Dislikes: The place is a bit expensive than normal considering the food we had. The type of food was not exactly worth the money.

My Rating: 3.5

Note: This blog post is not done in association with the restaurant, and all thoughts and views are my own based on food served and services offered at the time of my visit to the Restaurant and Personal Choice and Taste.

Author: Arsalan Balkhi, Engineering Student at Jamia Millia Islamia, Food Enthusiasts and Basket Ball Player.