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At MYQA World. we are committed to provide quality e-learning facilities at affordable prices. Many young people and kids who cannot afford flashy e-learning programmes often use social media for learning. Although, social media is a powerful medium but most of the content is deliberately designed to get more likes and views. It cannot be considered a serious medium of learning. It has been observed that while using social media for learning, kids tends to waste lot of time.  MYQA World Learning brings to you a platform developed by professionals who have been engaged in teaching and learning for several years. They have successfully guided lots of kids to achieve respectful positions in the society. It is said that “knowledge never goes wasted” The courses at MYQA World have been designed in such as manner that if the learner follows it sincerely, it will compliment the conventional studies and sharpen the individual’s capabilities to integrate and process academic knowledge more effectively.

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So many goals that we expect you to achieve.


To impart knowledge and skills required for a successful career.

Self Learning

The most important thing we expect that you will be able to learn anything just by your self.


Get knowledge and information for choosing most suitable career in life

Inclusive Education

To provide best digital resources for efficient learning at affordable cost.

Better Jobs

To help students achieve better employment opportunities.

Government Jobs

To mentor and guide students in securing government jobs

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I have subscribed the Current Affairs Course for my daughter. She is enjoying the lessons and the quizzes.
Ahmad Firoz
I have subscribed to the Current Affairs course for my nephew. It is indeed a great initiative.
Imam Rasique
Tourism Manager

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